OpenAI launches ChatGPT and Whisper API

March 4, 2023 by
Frank Calviño

OpenAI has announced that it will launch an API so that developers can include its AI-developed models, ChatGPT and Whisper, in their products, services, applications, and websites.

ChatGPT, until recently, was a free and open-source tool. However, this changed as the company released a premium version of ChatGPT called ChatGPT Professional. 

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And now, the company has made a new move towards monetization and a more standard business model by introducing an API to make it even easier for businesses to use ChatGPT and Whisper.

The company has explained on its blog that this ChatGPT API is powered by the same AI model that ChatGPT itself employs, called "gpt-3.5-turbo". This is the most developed model the company has. The API will cost $0.002 per 1,000 tokens, which roughly translates to about 750 words.

The Whisper API, on the other hand, will cost $0.006 per minute. This AI model allows for highly optimized translation and transcription and ensures faster performance than other services.

The formats supported are m4a, mp3, mp4, mpeg, mpga, wav, webm.

Whisper, the less-known sister to ChatGPT 

Whisper is OpenAI's artificial intelligence tool for converting audio files to text. The creators of ChatGPT and DALL-E 2 created this tool, but it did not gather public interest the way ChatGPT has done. 

Regardless, Whisper is pretty impressive. It is an ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) model trained with 680,000 hours of different audio in multiple languages and multiple accents.

All in all, it seems Open AI is currently the leading company regarding conversational AI development. 

And suppose you are wondering what Conversational artificial intelligence (AI) is. In that case, we can define it as a group of technologies that connect humans and computing platforms through natural language processing and machine learning.

Here lies the secret behind the success of ChatGPT, its ease of use, and native communication with humans. You don’t need to know prompts or any coding language to get it to do what you want. 

That’s why ChatGPT's creator OpenAI has doubled in value since 2021 as the language bot went viral and Microsoft decided to pour in $10 billion as an investment. Now, what else will OpenAI do? Will it pursue immediate monetization of its services? Will it continue to beta-test globally and publicly breakthrough technologies? It remains to be seen.

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