ChatGPT for customer care? Salesupply’s hybrid approach could be the key!
ChatGPT's impact is nowadays unquestionable. Yet, the actual scope of what this AI can really do remains to be fully explored.  For example, one of the fields where ChatGPT could...
March 11, 2023
Salesforce - OpenAI alliance will put ChatGPT into Slack!
Salesforce just announced at its TrailblazerDX 2023 event a strategic partnership with OpenAI for the integration of the ChatGPT app into the Slack platform.  Built by OpenAI on the Slack...
March 10, 2023
OpenAI launches ChatGPT and Whisper API
OpenAI has announced that it will launch an API so that developers can include its AI-developed models, ChatGPT and Whisper, in their products, services, applications, and websites. ChatGPT, until recently,...
March 4, 2023
Google Bard: The ChatGPT destroyer?
Google Bard has been revealed. Bard is Google’s new conversational AI, with which the world's most used search engine company wants to challenge OpenAI's ChatGPT. Until the arrival of ChatGPT,...
February 8, 2023
ChatGPT: What is it, and how could it transform e-commerce?
By Daniela Lyon - Artificial intelligence wants to change the world. And we might as well see it happen a lot faster than we think.  From Dall-E to Midjourney, passing...
December 12, 2022
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