Google makes changes to its password management tool

July 5, 2022 by
Frank Calviño

Google has made great strides in password management with changes for phones and computers. Among the new features that have been announced, we can highlight Google's Weakness Analysis tool for saved credentials, the generation of new passwords from Chrome, and more. 

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Today's password security and the Fido Alliance

Nowadays, users are increasingly saving more and more resources on external servers in order to access them from different devices and locations. This leads to the necessity to remember a large number of passwords for each case. 

In this sense, over time, Google storage has become one of the great allies of people to save these passwords and not have to remember them. However, it is because of this trust that it is essential for users that the storage of passwords be secure. 

Together with Microsoft and Apple, Google is part of the Fido Alliance. This is an organization whose main goal is to make personal technology security easier for users. It is within the framework of this alliance that Google has renewed its commitment to making the management of stored passwords uncomplicated and secure. 

Google's new features for passwords

In line with this, some of the changes that have been introduced by Google are:

- Unification of the password manager interface to have the same appearance on all devices. 

- Alerting of problems with saved credentials in case they are considered vulnerable, taking into account factors such as: compromised, weak passwords, or frequently reused passwords. 

- Direct access to the password manager on Android mobile phones. 

- Platform-independent generation of strong credentials thanks to Chrome. 

- Insertion of a new manually chosen password.

- Manager that offers help to generate strong passwords automatically if problems are identified. 

Some of the previously mentioned changes have progressively started to arrive in Google's password manager and can already be enjoyed by users. Google continues to look for ways to make different activities more secure for everybody.

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