Amazon puts on hold its expansion plans in Spain
Amazon has decided to delay its planned new logistics warehouse in Spain until, at least, 2024.  The e-commerce titan was planning to build a new logistic warehouse with a blueprint...
September 20, 2022
Amazon UK pledges to use electric bikes for delivery
Amazon UK, in a bet to reduce carbon emissions in its deliveries, is launching its first micro-mobility hub in the English city of London, through a fleet of electric cargo...
July 19, 2022
Amazon is under investigation by the UK Market Authority
Recently, the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) started an investigation into Amazon, due to its dominant position in the local market. This is under the assumption that the company...
July 11, 2022
Amazon Belgium: is ready to begin operations!
Amazon Belgium is close to becoming a reality after the company announced its plans, earlier this year, to open a logistics center in Belgium. So far, everything indicates that Amazon...
June 23, 2022
Amazon will stop using plastic bags in the UK
Amazon UK has recently announced that it will stop packaging products in disposable plastic bags. To replace this alternative, it will opt for recyclable cardboard envelopes and paper bags for...
May 30, 2022
Amazon expands in Italy with a new distribution center in Ardea
Amazon continues its expansion in Italy with a new distribution center in Ardea, in the province of Rome. With this center, Amazon is expanding its logistics network in Italy, making...
May 23, 2022
Amazon invests in Deliveroo as part of €513.5 million funding round
Amazon is leading a new investment round of 575 million dollars, which is equal to 513.4 million euros. This news has been announced by online food delivery service Deliveroo, which...
June 5, 2019
Amazon pays employees to quit their job and start a business
A new business opportunity has been announced by Amazon for its employees if they have enough savings to start their own company. They are offered 10,000 dollars and an amount...
May 28, 2019
Amazon one-day delivery used by 72% of US consumers
Amazon one-day delivery already sees shipments to the majority of US consumers - 72% of consumers, to be exact.  This was found in a new report by RBC Capital Markets....
May 16, 2019
Alibaba plans to up competition with Amazon
The global e-commerce company is allowing retailers from countries other than China to sell goods internationally via its platform. Mother company Alibaba will expand its international services provided by its...
May 15, 2019
Coffee is now the leading category in e-commerce grocery sales
In 2018, food and beverage, e-commerce grocery, sales reached 4.75 billion US dollars on Amazon. It is the fastest growing segment for online retailers. According to Edge by Ascential, the...
May 8, 2019
Amazon to partially shut down in China during this upcoming summer
Amazon is closing its online marketplace in China for the upcoming summer. As of July 18th, Chinese companies are no longer able to sell items through Chinese consumers can...
May 1, 2019
Otto best European alternative to Amazon
German e-commerce company Otto is the biggest European competitor of Amazon. According to former CEO and current chairman of the Otto Group supervisory board, Michael Otto, it is the only...
April 30, 2019
Italy targets Amazon Italia over abuse of market position
The competition authority in Italy announced that they will start an investigation. It is regarding Amazon Italia’s dominance abuse in the e-commerce logistics industry. The company is now facing a globally...
April 25, 2019
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Amazon AWS set to achieve 100% sustainability on a global scale
Last Monday, April 8th, Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced three new projects. These projects are set to achieve 100% renewable energy for its global infrastructure. These projects will take place...
April 24, 2019
Amazon comes up with new e-commerce tools and services
For small and mid-sized enterprises that are selling on Amazon’s platform, the company is providing new assistance. Amazon has already released 50 new services and e-commerce tools during 2019 to...
April 12, 2019
Over 1200% growth expected for the number of robotic warehouses by 2025
Retailers are taking advantage of advanced and affordable commercial robotics, with e-commerce fulfilment as their primary driver. According to ABI Research, over 50,000 warehouses globally will use robots by 2025....
April 10, 2019
Amazon Retail receives $35 million from parent to improve in food e-commerce
Multinational marketplace platform Amazon invests approximately 35 million dollars (240 Crores in Indian Rupees) into Amazon Retail India’s food e-commerce arm. The Indian department includes the Amazon Now and Amazon Pantry...
April 8, 2019
Amazon could dominate the grocery market
According to DigitalCommerce360, analysts say that Amazon’s grocery sales could exceed Walmart’s in the years 2030-2035. However, they will have to either acquire or build thousands of brick-and-mortar shops to...
March 15, 2019
Amazon aims to be semi-climate neutral in 2030
E-commerce giant Amazon will present its strategy to operate entirely CO2-neutral in the long term later this year. The closest target, according to its ambitions, is to carry out half...
February 26, 2019
Amazon Advertising: a $10bn business
American marketplace Amazon has published its results for the fourth quarter of 2018. In Q4, sales are up 20%, to $72.4 billion. A massive growth can be seen for Amazon...
February 5, 2019
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