WhatsApp new functionalities aim to turn into a ‘super app’
WhatsApp is evolving into what could be called a ‘super app’ or ‘a full-featured app’. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, presented at its annual Conversations conference in Mumbai (India) some...
September 20, 2023
Meta might launch paid versions of Instagram and Facebook in Europe
Meta might launch paid versions of Instagram and Facebook for users in the European Union. The purpose of creating these subscription models is to make it possible to use social...
September 6, 2023
Threads surpass 100 million users in 5 days
The new microblogging social network created by Meta and designed by Instagram, and linked to it, has been a huge success in its launch and promises to have unique features...
July 29, 2023
Meta wants to challenge Google and Apple app stores
Meta wants to challenge Goole and Apple app stores now that the EU recently approved the Digital Markets Act, which is expected to come into force next spring. This new...
July 4, 2023
Meta AI Sandbox is close to being released
Meta has released more details on how it plans to use AI to improve the performance of its ad system. So far, the company announced a possible release of Meta...
May 17, 2023
Meta Data Center in Talavera de la Reina will be a 1,000 million dollars investment
Meta has confirmed that it will continue with the project to create a data center in Talavera de la Reina, Spain, despite the numerous layoffs in the company.  🔥Do you...
March 31, 2023
Meta is developing a new social network to compete against Twitter
Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, is in the early stages of developing its decentralized social network based on text posts. The company does not want to lose...
March 13, 2023
Meta bought Luxexcel, a 3D prescription glasses brand
Meta bought Luxexcel, a Dutch brand that specializes in the development and manufacture of prescription glasses with 3D capabilities.  🔥Do you want to know more about international commerce and e-commerce...
January 3, 2023
The European Commission accuses Meta of abusive practices
The European Commission (EC) has accused Meta of abusive practices to favor Facebook Marketplace in the online classified ads competition. Brussels considers the company to be in breach of European...
December 20, 2022
Meta’s massive layoffs affect over 11.000 employees
Mark Zuckerberg, in one fell swoop last Wednesday, announced the dismissal of 11,000 employees of Meta, parent of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, a cut of 13% of the company's total...
November 11, 2022
WhatsApp tests its first in-app shopping functionality
Meta - WhatsApp parent company - has announced an alliance with the e-commerce company JioMart from India. Through this, they have launched a service that allows purchases to be made...
September 1, 2022
Meta Make-A-Scene: AI for image generation!
Under the name Meta "Make-A-Scene", the former Facebook recently unveiled its new image-generating AI. It is inspired by the classic DALL-E model. However, Mark Zuckerberg has set out to give...
July 27, 2022
Meta translator claims to be capable of translating 200 languages in real-time
Meta translator will use artificial intelligence (AI) models with the aim of translating 200 different languages in real-time and will be accessible worldwide under Meta platform services such as Facebook,...
July 13, 2022
Meta launches WhatsApp Cloud API
Mark Zuckerberg announced the opening of WhatsApp to any business globally, via WhatsApp Cloud API. The announcement was made at the inaugural Conversations conference held by Meta.  Do you want...
May 27, 2022
Meta opens a physical store to sell the Metaverse products
Meta opens its first permanent, and ironically, brick-and-mortar Meta Store for customers to purchase its virtual reality products as a "gateway to the metaverse". The 1,550-square-foot shop will open on...
April 28, 2022
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