Tik Tok is testing a new ‘Nearby’ feed

August 24, 2022 by
Frank Calviño

TikTok is testing a new ‘Nearby’ content feature that could become a great ally for brands and help small traditional businesses to better position themselves through social media. This would be integrated into the social network as a new feed, adding to the two existing ones. 

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The content that will be shown in this ‘Nearby’ feed will vary according to our own location, showing us the publications of users made near where we are. In this way, users will be able to access a new way of discovering content and news related to their interests and from businesses close to them.

Tik Tok is the main place for inspiration and discovery

TikTok has become the social network par excellence for inspiration and discovery. In fact, young people are choosing TikTok and Instagram for queries ahead of Google and Google Maps. Moreover, they have become the social network of choice for 40% of young people when looking for places to eat.

In view of this, this new functionality would be an even greater boost for the social network itself, but also for the brands present on it. For example, in the same way, that the ‘For you’ feed often recommends fashion and clothing store content to a user, the ‘Nearby’ content feed will do the same, but with publications from businesses of this type that are close to the user.

Expanding with new feeds 

The short-form video app’s Nearby feed isn’t the only new feed that it’s currently testing. TikTok is testing a dedicated 'Shop' feed that lets users browse and purchase products from a number of different categories, such as clothing and electronics. 

The feed is currently being tested in Indonesia. The 'Shop' tab serves as a hub for products being sold in TikTok Shop, a shopping feature that enables merchants and creators to showcase and sell products directly on TikTok. TikTok did not say when or if it plans to bring the Shop tab to more markets.

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