DPD and EAV develop e-cargo bike for parcel delivery

April 29, 2019 by
Romy Piepenbrock

CBM Artikel DPD e-cargo bikeParcel delivery group DPD has partnered with Electric Assisted Vehicles (EAV) to develop a lightweight pedal-assisted, four-wheel e-cargo bike. EAV makes composite parts for the aviation sector and race car companies such as Aston Martin. DPD plans to start delivering parcels to consumers with the e-cargo bikes in July later this year.

Last week, DPD and EAV shared the news about the development of the e-cargo at the eBike Summit in Oxford. DPD and EAV are currently testing three bikes and the first production models will be available in June. DPD will trial the bikes from its all-electric parcel depot which opened in London in October last year.

The most responsible delivery company

According to DPD CEO Dwain McDonald, this new development is a continuation of its push for sustainable operations. DPD aims to be the most responsible city centre delivery company. They wish to become so by neutralising their carbon footprint and developing smarter, cleaner and more sustainable parcel delivery services. "The bike is perfect for UK city centres and we are really looking forward to adding it to our rapidly expanding zero-emission fleet in July," McDonald says.


The e-cargo bikes will be  1 metre wide by 2 metres long and weighs just 75kg. It has a 250-watt motor. The bikes are meant to become the “sprinter van” of the e-cargo bike world and have indicators and other motor vehicle accoutrements but it can legally travel on cycleways. The vehicle’s fascia consists of a composite strengthened with hemp fibres stuck together with a resin based on the oil from cashew nut shells. Adam Barmby, technical director of EAV, said: "The chassis design is modular, so we can extend, widen, or shorten it for multiple applications. Full weather protection is also in development for year-round use in almost any climate or city location worldwide.”


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