AliExpress launches logistics solution

October 20, 2021 by
Sanne Leenders

Famous marketplace AliExpress announces the launch of a new logistics solution. This enables the company to offer a 10-day delivery guarantee, significantly speeding up deliveries in Europe. The new streamlined network is expected to enhance AliExpress’ cross-border ecosystem.

The business-to-consumer subsidiary of Alibaba Group is a very popular online shopping platform from China. It is very well-known for its low prices and long delivery times. The Chinese marketplace partners with Cainiao (Alibaba’s logistics arm) to create a logistics solution.

Solidify a position in European markets

The upgrade consists of new domestic selection warehouses in China, automated sorting centers, overseas warehouses, increased weekly chartered flights, as well as a last mile self-pickup network. These upgrades will speed up delivery times needed for shipments from China to overseas customers.

AliExpress has grown significantly in its overseas markets such as Spain and France in 2020. With this logistics solution, the company wants to further invest in technology to solidify its position in these markets.

Faster delivery times

Through the partnership with Cainiao, five selection warehouses are established in China for sellers to pre-stock their products. This reduces delivery times. Along with nine new automated sorting centres and 80 weekly chartered flights on average. AliExpress can now offer delivery in ten working days for selected cross-border orders made in Spain and France, twelve working days for Brazil and five working days for South Korea.

AliExpress and Cainiao have also developed overseas warehouses to enhance the efficiency and capacity of cross-border logistics networks. Local delivery in Spain and France can be achieved in three days by utilizing these warehouses. For the rest of Europe, delivery will take seven days.

Launching self-pickup service points

Additionally, a network of more than 20.000 self-pickup service points launches in Spain, France, Poland and Russia. These points combine AliExpress-branded lockers powered and operated by Cainiao, but also collection points powered by local partners. Consumers can pick up their orders in these automatic lockers.

One-time Guarantee

The marketplace also announced that it will introduce an “On-time Guarantee” in Spain and France. Orders shipping from the domestic selection warehouses in China and the overseas warehouses will be applicable for this service. AliExpress will reimburse $1 coupons per order if packages arrive late.

Expanding the logistics initiative in more European markets

There are plans to expand the logistics initiative in more European markets. At the end of November, the company expects to have more than 300 chartered flights in total so that customers will receive their package on time.

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