Amazon doubles reach in the Netherlands

December 18, 2020 by
Sanne Leenders

Amazon is the 14th largest website in terms of reach in the Netherlands. In November, the trading platform reached 7.3 million Dutch consumers, or 45% of the online population. Double that of a year ago.

New figures from Vinex's Dutch Online Reach Survey for the month of November show that Amazon has made huge leaps in reach. At the beginning of 2020, before the COVID-19 outbreak and the reopening of the .nl domain, Amazon was in the top 50 in 28th place. The reach at the time was 3.8 million.

After the relaunch numbers started to rise

After the relaunch in March, numbers started to rise steadily. Until the summer holidays, the reach was around five million. Later on, in October it rose to 6.6 million. That is the month in which the Americans held an annual bargain festival. The following month, Black Friday took place, a period when Amazon was overrun by bargain hunters. Amazon's reach in that month was 45%.

Coolblue and's reach increased

By way of comparison: Coolblue had a reach of four million in early 2020 and five million in November. had a reach of 10.6 million versus 11.6 million. This makes it the largest site in the Netherlands. In fifth place it even passed Google Maps last month in terms of reach.

Vinex reports do not say anything about purchase intention or online turnover. However, the trading platform would have struggled if it did not drive the influx of visitors to more sales. Reach is a metric that advertisers value. The greater the reach, the more interesting a site or app for holding up advertising campaigns. That is also the reason that Amazon opened a local advertising platform last October. In terms of reach, this is an alternative to the advertising silos of Facebook and Google.

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