Antler launches in Copenhagen to invest in green companies!

November 16, 2022 by
Frank Calviño

Antler, a global investment partner for startups, has announced its launch in Copenhagen. This announcement comes following an investment of DKK 50 million - about 6.7 million Euros - into the Antler's Nordic Fund from the Danish state's investment fund Vækstfonden.

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The goal for Antler in Copenhagen is to attract and support highly specialized founders from across the world and invest in the most promising 'green' companies of the future.

The main objective of Antler is to attract and support 70-100 highly specialized founders and entrepreneurs from across the globe on an annual basis and help them build the 'green' companies of the future, for later investment in the most promising companies among them.

Antler claims to be able to establish and invest in between 10-20 sustainable tech companies every year in Denmark.

Helping green companies to scale 

Already from mid-February, Antler will support around 15 entrepreneurs in Denmark to develop impactful and scalable solutions in sustainability, climate tech, and green transformation. 

The objective is that these companies will grow into global export companies, and ultimately attract more green capital and experience to Denmark.

Rolf Kjærgaard, CEO of the Vækstfonden highlighted that the fact that an international fund such as Antler now chooses to base itself in Copenhagen is very much in line with their strategy in Vækstfonden. 

"We invest in and with international funds with the purpose of attracting investors, capital, and competencies to Denmark. Antler is contributing very strongly to this. They will bring strong competencies from all over the world to Copenhagen and from there build some of the sustainable companies of the future. Therefore we are pleased to see Antler in Copenhagen", Says Rolf Kjærgaard.

Antler global hunt for entrepreneurs 

Antler was founded to promote, help and invest in startup founders with, what they call ‘exceptional projects’ that could scale and could create a positive and meaningful impact on the economy and society. 

Currently, this investment fund has offices in 25 cities across six continents, including Austin, New York, London, Berlin, Stockholm, Bangalore, Jakarta, Singapore, Seoul, Tokyo, and Sydney.

It offers services such as a global community of builders, investors, operators, experts, and partner organizations backed by people from the very start of their founder journey—pre-team or even pre-idea. 

Antler claims that, since 2018, have helped create and invested in more than 600 startups across a wide range of industries and technologies, with the goal of backing more than 6,000 by 2030.

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