Consumers in Austria spend close to 900 euros online per year

August 22, 2017 by
Nico Hoeijmans

AustriaE-commerce in Austria is growing rapidly and so is the willingness of Austrian consumers to buy online. Last year, online sales per capita were worth 885 euros, which makes Austria one of the top countries. Austria ranks fourth in a study among 19 countries, following the United Kingdom (1,118 euros), Switzerland (1,033) and Norway (920).

Fondness for fashion and books
The research conducted by RegioData concludes that consumers in Austria are especially interested in buying fashion online. Another popular product category is books. Both men and women in Austria love to order them online: 56 percent of female Austrian consumers buy their reading material online, while 40 percent of men do this. A same share of men buy their electronic devices via the Internet, while just 16 percent of women do this. A more popular product category among Austrian women are cosmetics and body care products.

Furthermore, the research found that Austrian consumers especially appreciate the ability to compare prices. More than two in three consumers compare prices almost every time before they make a purchase, even when it’s about small amounts.

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