Cross-Border Sustainable Marketplaces in Europe

January 29, 2021 by
Sanne Leenders
Cross-Border Sustainable Marketplaces

The first edition of the TOP 100 Cross-Border Sustainable Marketplaces has been released. This report is based on marketplaces active in Europe. Cross-Border Commerce Europe is an annual analysis of the performance of e-commerce companies in the field of sustainability and corporate social responsibility. The results show that eBay ranks first with an eRank of 68.9 out of 100.

eBay is the winner

Unsurprisingly, eBay is the winner, as sustainability has been a key factor for this marketplace since its inception in 1995. With a focus on the sale of used products, approximately 16% of eBay's revenue is estimated to be green. In addition, this authentic sustainable C2C business model receives a maximum score of fifteen on the KPI for cross-border sustainable business model. This means that eBay is placed in the number one position with an overall eRank score of 68.9 out of 100.

Amazon ranks in fifth place

Amazon mainly focuses on the sale of new goods, which makes their business model score below average. However, they hit eRank 5 because of Amazon's clear targets for eco-friendly warehouses, electric-powered fleets, and sustainable materials, products and packaging.

Top-scoring European sustainable marketplaces

Top-scoring European (including UK) sustainable marketplaces are the following. (Netherlands) with eRank No. 8, Leboncoin (France) with eRank No. 10. In addition, Spreadshirt (Germany) with eRank No. 11, ASOS (UK) with eRank No. 14, FNAC (France) with eRank No. 15, Zalando (Germany) with eRank No. 17, Farfetch and Lyst (UK) with eRank No. 19 and 20. Furthermore, La Redoute (France) with eRank No. 21, Vinted ( Lithuania) with eRank No. 22. And lastly, United Wardrobe (Netherlands) which was recently acquired by Vinted with eRank No. 24.

Aiming for 20% sustainable products and services

Moreover, 40% of the TOP 100 marketplaces aim to sell at least 20% sustainable products and services by 2025. Lastly, marketplaces have seen a 60% increase in searches for eco-friendly and ecological items in the past year with buyers increasingly looking for biodegradable, reusable, and vintage items.

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