FedEx starts delivering 7-days a week

June 13, 2019 by
Nico Hoeijmans

Photo by from PexelsFedEx has announced to start a 7-day a week delivery-service in order to meet the online e-commerce customer and retailer’s demands.  By the year 2020, residential deliveries on a Sunday will become a fact with FedEx’s delivery promise.

This service will be launched at the start of next January, in order to replicate the shipping that FedEx offers during peak season.

To build a solid infrastructure, FedEx has made significant investments over the past two decades. Not only in capacity, but in technology and automation as well. The average volume for small parcels is expected to double in the United States by the year 2026. FedEx is now positioned to extend its parcel intake. This means that retailers can meet customer expectations quicker when online shoppers start to order more.

Increasing efficiency

The company is increasing its efficiency in last-mile deliveries. The delivery service provider is increasing its capabilities to deliver large packages as well, next to integrating its SmartPost package volume into its standard operations. These packages are now delivered by USPS, but will soon be delivered and handled by service providers that take care of residential packages.


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