Lacoste virtual store wants to 'reinvent e-commerce'

January 30, 2023 by
Frank Calviño

Lacoste virtual store offers an immersive and interactive journey to achieve what the brand claims is ‘reinventing e-commerce.’

In this first virtual store for the brand, Lacoste aims at ‘putting creativity at the service of the customer experience while reinforcing the sense of community among shoppers’ 

Lacoste virtual store was created by Emperia, a platform that offers tools that brands can use to create virtual experiences. 

It is accessible to users via computer and mobile devices. Thus, shoppers will have the ability to explore the clothing collection in this space before making a purchase. On the other hand, the Lacoste virtual store in the metaverse gives customers direct access to the online store.

Lacoste virtual store mixes rewards, shopping, and games 

Users who want to explore the Lacoste universe in this virtual space will have to go through the mouth of its iconic crocodile. After this, they will reach the brand's showroom, where a selection of products from the Holiday collection is presented, which can be viewed in 360º.

The next room allows interaction with the collection through gamification, a trendy way of inviting consumers to discover more products uniquely. 

And the last room will be open exclusively to members of the UNDW3 community who have the Lacoste NFT (UNDW3 Genesis Pass). In addition, reward boxes will be placed in this room, such as an advent calendar, with five users selected each day to win an exclusive prize.

Overall, the store bets on mixing entertainment and gamification concepts into virtual e-commerce. 

Shopping in the Metaverse

Lacoste is not the only luxury fashion brand investing in Web3. From October 27 to November 9, Gucci presented its Gucci Vault Land at The Sandbox. This experience lasted two weeks and was based on contests, games, NFT, and more.  

Adidas also recently entered the metaverse with its first collection of NFT wearables, and Walmart created a complete metaverse experience with Walmart land. 

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