NetOnNet leads the e-commerce market in Sweden

December 10, 2020 by
Thijs Leenders

Looking globally, the most popular online stores from Sweden are H&M and Ikea. However, in Sweden, these huge players are not in the top five of biggest e-commerce stores. According to Ecommerce News, in the previous year, NetOnNet proved to be the number one.

Sweden is well-known for a lot of things, but they are most popular for their big enterprises known all over the world. Brands such as H&M, Ikea, Volvo, ICA, Ericsson and Spotify are all Swedish. These brands are giants all over the world but when you look at popularity within the country itself, it is something completely different. 


NetOnNet is an electronics and media selling company. In addition, it has an immense assortment of all products that have to do with consumer electronics. Consumers can buy TV’s, gaming equipment, stereos and all types of other gadgets. NetOnNet is like a Swedish version of Amazon. Just like the Dutch or CoolBlue.

The biggest online stores in Sweden

Online shopping is big in the Nordic countries and Sweden is the country where most people shop online. At the end of 2019, the e-commerce industry in Sweden was good for €8.2 billion. Various big companies have had a huge contribution to this number. According to EcommerceDB, the top five e-commerce domains in Sweden are:

  • NetOnNet: 300.64 million euros
  • 255.56 million euros
  • Elgiganten: 254.07 million euros
  • Zalando: 250.4 million euros
  • Apoteket: 169.46 million euros

The net sales growth percentages in 2018/2019 for these companies were as follows: NetOnNet 8%, 21%, Elgiganten 11%, Zalando 17% and Apoteket 21%. 

Out of the top five, the German company, Zalando, is the only foreigner amongst all these local brands. Furthermore, electronics e-tailer NetOnNet leads this list with online sales of over €300 million. Number two is online pharmacy In third is Elgiganten, this ‘competitor’ of NetOnNet is just behind with 254 million euros. The fourth and fifth place are Zalando and pharmacy Apoteket.

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