Preferred e-commerce customer delivery options

May 28, 2019 by
Nico Hoeijmans

returnsResearch including a survey of more than 1000 participants reveals the delivery expectations of North American consumers. Participants include consumers from the United States and Canada, of all ages.

The survey has been conducted by MetaPack, delivery services platform provider, to research how online shopping preferences and behaviours influence delivery. According to the research, there is a high interest in luxury retail online. An average of 86.5% of the consumers has purchased items from a luxury brand online in the previous 12 months.

Luxury brands

More than a quarter (27%) of the US consumers had purchased from 10+ luxury brands over the past year. Approximately 35.5% of consumers have shopped from between four or nine luxury brands online.

US consumers, in particular, appear highly enthusiastic about engaging with luxury brands online, as over a quarter (27%) had shopped with 10 or more luxury brands in the past year. Around one-third of consumers (32% US, 39% Canada) had shopped online with between four and nine luxury brands.

According to the survey, when making a luxury purchase, the preferred delivery method is home-delivery (United States - 38%, Canada - 32%). 72% of US shoppers said that the delivery of a luxury item felt more secure than any other online purchase. 62% thought the delivery was more trackable and controllable and 56% said the level of personal care was better. Compared to US consumers, 24% of Canadian shoppers did not notice a difference and were not as impressed with the delivery of luxury items.


Research shows that the option to try a product before paying is viewed as more convenient by consumers as well. This try-before-you-buy option is appealing to 71.5% of the respondents, and 39% even believe it would reduce the delivery costs.

Of the US respondents, 54% said they would be willing to pay extra if a try-before-you-buy service was available. That is 31.7% higher than Canadian shoppers.

Notable findings
  • 56% of US and 45% of Canadian shoppers had their purchases delivered in store.
  • 23% of US and 27% of Canadian consumers made use of a local pick-up point. However, 40% of Canadian respondents plan to take advantage of this in the future, while delivery to a secure box outside their home was more appealing to 35% of US respondents.
  • 27% of US and 17% of Canadian shoppers have chosen for delivery on the weekend.
  • 26% of US and 18% of Canadian shoppers have selected same-day delivery if this was available, and 17% of US respondents even used a one-hour delivery option.
  • 81% of US and 69% of Canadian respondents expects to have to pay extra for a one-hour, same day, next day or weekend-delivery.
  • 20% of consumers in the US and 21% in Canada have scheduled an order to be delivered at work.
  • 30% of US shoppers are willing to try delivery options like drones, robots or autonomous vehicles.
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