Primark and Disney collaborate to bring experiential retail

April 9, 2019 by
Nico Hoeijmans

DisneyPrimark and Disney collaborate to bring a new retail experiment to Primark’s new brick-and-mortar shop in Birmingham. It will feature the Disney cafe and offer customers the city’s typical street food. The retailer is determined to attract shoppers to the physical shop and traditional retail, without having to rely on online sales. The introduction of the new engaging features highlights this.

CEO of Primark, Paul Marchant spoke to Retail Week about the attractiveness of the shop that is opening on April 11th. It will be 160,000 square feet. He says it is: “the latest jewel in the crown.” Primark’s brand image is built on low prices and great fashion. According to Marchant, this is not enough for shoppers to jump out of bed and visit the shop on a rainy Saturday morning. He says that those days, consumers would rather “stay at home, watch Netflix and stay cosy.”

Primark shopping experience

Marchant also mentions that shoppers want to be inspired and feel excited by a trip to the shopping centre. This is why according to him experiential retail is so important. Primark is now waiting to see if the solution turns out to be financially viable. If so, the retailer could start offering click-and-collect in the future as a way to increase footfall.


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