Samsung postpones launch of Galaxy Fold

May 7, 2019 by
Nico Hoeijmans

mobile shoppingSamsung has cancelled two media events in China regarding the new foldable ‘Galaxy Fold’. It also postponed the launch in the US after various flaws were discovered by journalists who were allowed to test Samsung’s latest invention.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the American launch of the first foldable smartphone (which will cost approximately 2020 euros) was planned for April 26, will not take place. This also brings uncertainty to the European launch that is planned in May. Samsung has confirmed the delay and promised to provide clarity within a couple of weeks. In Singapore and Spain, other events have been cancelled as well.

Defects in Samsung Galaxy Fold

Even after various defects were found, Samsung initially announced that the launch would continue as usual. There were various problems with the new Galaxy Fold: a number of reviewers removed a protective layer that they had mistaken for a protective screen-layer. The layer, that is part of the screen, releases more quickly than intended. After removal, the screen goes black or starts flashing. Nevertheless, various problems have been reported after two days of normal use as well.

The incidents are worrying, as only a limited amount of American journalists have borrowed the device. The screen of the Galaxy Fold is made of plastic, instead of glass, which is, therefore, more sensitive. The smartphone is supposed to fold over 200,000 times without showing any problems. Samsung now recognises that weaknesses around the edges of the screen are detected and that measures have to be taken in order to improve protection.

Update: it is still unknown when Samsung will release the Galaxy fold.

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