Salesforce - OpenAI alliance will put ChatGPT into Slack!

March 10, 2023 by
Frank Calviño

Salesforce just announced at its TrailblazerDX 2023 event a strategic partnership with OpenAI for the integration of the ChatGPT app into the Slack platform. 

Built by OpenAI on the Slack platform, the app leverages ChatGPT's powerful generative AI technology to directly bring instant conversation summaries, research tools, and writing assistance into Slack. This will enable tens of millions of users to access AI productivity tools.

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Salesforce's "Generative AI in IT" report indicates that the majority of senior IT leaders believe that generative AI has the potential to help them better respond to their customers, leverage data, and operate more efficiently. The same study indicates that 81% believe that generative AI should combine public and private data sources. This new app combines the insight found in Slack with the intelligence of ChatGPT, giving Slack users the information they need to get their work done faster.

Currently, in beta, the ChatGPT for Slack app provides a conversational interface powered by OpenAI's excellent language models for instant summaries of conversations, search tools to learn about any topic, and provide writing assistance to compose messages quickly.

What is ChatGPT offering for Slack?

Update faster across channels or threads - AI-powered conversation summaries help users quickly keep up with what's happening.

Find instant answers to any project or topic: AI-powered research tools allow users to learn and develop insights faster directly in Slack, whether it's finding best practices, searching for a new account, and more.

Create draft messages in seconds: communicate with clients and teams faster with AI-powered writing assistance. Users can spend less time drafting responses, status updates, and meeting notes and more time putting plans into action.

The app is built on the Slack platform, along with more than 2600 other integrations in the app ecosystem. This ensures that companies have real control over secure management and access to third-party data in Slack. Data the app can access will not be used to train the ChatGPT language model.

Salesforce also announces Einstein GPT

Salesforce introduces Einstein GPT, a generative AI technology for CRM, which delivers AI-created content across all enterprise services: sales, service, marketing, commerce, and hyper-scale IT interaction. Einstein GPT creates personalized content across all Salesforce clouds with generative AI. This increases employee productivity and improves customer experience. 

Einstein GPT is compatible with public and private AI models, open, extensible, and based on reliable real-time data. 

Einstein GPT will integrate with OpenAI to provide Salesforce customers with out-of-the-box generative AI capabilities. Einstein GPT is the next generation of Einstein, Salesforce's AI technology that currently delivers more than 200 billion AI-driven predictions per day in Customer 360.

Salesforce Ventures launches $250 million fund for generative AI

Finally, Salesforce also announced a Generative AI fund from Salesforce Ventures, the company's global investment arm. The new $250 million fund will invest in high-potential startups, strengthen the ecosystem and foster the development of responsible, trusted, and generative AI communities.

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