78% of buyers would purchase more if returns are free

March 27, 2019 by
Nico Hoeijmans


If an online seller would offer a free return policy, most online shoppers would purchase more often. If shoppers encounter a poor return experience, a striking 84% will not come back to that specific shop.

75% of shoppers say that an important factor in choosing a retailer is an easy return procedure. A great return procedure can increase customer loyalty, as well as attract new customers. Another 86% of respondents are more likely to come back to an online seller and stay loyal if the possibility to return their ordered products is free.

Research shows that not only free, but flexible returns offered by the retailers are appreciated. By offering multiple payment options and a flexible return system, a retailer can stay ahead of their competition.

Improving on returns

84% of shoppers want to choose their own return option. They prefer to choose from post, pickup or returning an item in-store. According to one-third of the respondents, having the opportunity to pay for an item later after trying it, will make them more likely to purchase the product online.

According to a study done by Klarna, the return rate of items purchased online has increased by 14%. Klarna says: “If retailers want to reduce their online returns, they should look to improve their online product representations. 81% of shoppers saying that better photos and descriptions would help reduce the ‘false expectations effect’ and consequently the amount they return.”

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