Amazon comes up with new e-commerce tools and services

April 12, 2019 by
Nico Hoeijmans

CBM Artikel AmazonFor small and mid-sized enterprises that are selling on Amazon’s platform, the company is providing new assistance. Amazon has already released 50 new services and e-commerce tools during 2019 to help small businesses grow their business on its platform. The marketplace platform invests billions of dollars every year to support SMEs. Their goal is to help sellers reach new customers and selling their products online.

Fulfilment, selling and advertising are functions of some of the services and solutions surrounding the most recent investments. Included are:

  • Brand analytics. Provides retailers with information on comparable products and popular ‘search terms’.
  • Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) monthly storage and removal fee waiver. Retailers can test a limited quantity of ‘new-to-Amazon products’ for a promotional period.
  • Global registration experience. Personalised guidance to help retailers expand worldwide with a new SAW (sell across the world) workflow.
  • Interactive Seller University content. Interactive online learning content is offering live practice opportunities for SMEs to improve their operations in the Amazon shop.
Reach more customers with Amazon

According to Ian Simpson, a selling partner at Amazon, the company is constantly listening to the feedback they receive from sellers. Based on insights in order to help SMEs to succeed in selling on their platform, new tools roll out. Simpson says: “There are new features in many fields, from updates to brand analytics to a new global selling workflow. Businesses have access to infrastructure, technology, and insights to help them reach more customers and grow their business online. Small- and medium-sized businesses are growing sales in Amazon’s shops at a faster rate than Amazon’s retail business. These new tools and services serve as a catalyst to enable additional growth.”

Over 50% of the units that are sold in Amazon’s shops are from small- and medium-sized businesses. Amazon’s data shows that more than a million US-based small- and medium-sized businesses sell through the company. Other efforts to help these SME retailers have been launched by Amazon as well. An example of this is ‘Selling Partner Summits’, which is a series of conferences to help SMB build their business. Amazon recently started with ‘Project Zero’ as well, which enables brands (all sizes) who sell their products on Amazon to receive automated counterfeit protection and to remove counterfeit listings.

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