Amazon UK pledges to use electric bikes for delivery

July 19, 2022 by
Frank Calviño

Amazon UK, in a bet to reduce carbon emissions in its deliveries, is launching its first micro-mobility hub in the English city of London, through a fleet of electric cargo bikes and delivery staff on foot. It is estimated that the center will carry out around 5 million deliveries per year with this mobility. 

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Amazon is committed to sustainability

This is not the first time Amazon UK has invested in sustainability. The firm announced earlier this year that it would start working with electric trucks for its deliveries. In addition, months ago, it explained that it would stop packaging products using single-use plastic bags. 

In the case of plastic bags, the announcement was made in April, when it was said that these would be replaced by cardboard envelopes and recyclable paper bags. These changes were implemented in the company's supply network, and it was announced that more and more products would be shipped using their original packaging and with only an address label.

Emissions-free UK

The launch of this micro-mobility center comes at a time when Amazon is looking to reduce its carbon emissions in the territory. It has launched the first such hub in Hackney, east London. 

With this new quest, electric bikes will start operating in the postcode districts of the city's low-carbon zone, reaching more customers in a sustainable way and with no negative impact on the environment.

But this will not be the only such center. According to Amazon representatives, the company is looking to open more e-freight delivery centers across the UK. 

Net zero carbon

The UK Country Manager of Amazon, John Boumphrey, explained that Amazon is moving towards a net zero carbon future globally. And, at this point, looking at alternative forms of transport networks is one way of achieving this goal. So, through new electric bikes and a fleet of electric vehicles that continues to grow, it hopes to deliver more than ever before while guaranteeing zero carbon emissions. 

Amazon has also recently announced that it will install more than 30,000 solar panels on its various buildings across the UK, which will be completed towards the end of the year. In addition, the e-commerce giant is launching a total of 18 solar projects in strategic locations across the region, a number it expects to double in two years. The company continues to focus on sustainability.

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