Camillion closed a $2 million funding round

January 18, 2023 by
Frank Calviño

Camillion, a remote team manager start up, has closed a $2 million funding round led by Wollef VC with the participation of Wayra (Telefónica from Spain), an Asian investor, and a Latin American retail group. It has also been supported by Tokavi Activos SL.

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According to the company in a statement, this is a crucial operation for its growth and establishment in the audiovisual platforms sector, in full expansion, aimed at facilitating communications in B2B teams and focusing on the logistics and retail sector outside conventional offices.

What does Camillion offers? 

Camillion helps teams to standardize best practices and provide follow-up and feedback to employees at the point of sale. It also provides the necessary tools to:

  • Optimize communication between the store and warehouse team,
  • Continuously monitor the assigned task remotely
  • Control compliance with the guidelines set in an agile and efficient way, 
  • Avoid incidents in stores, 
  • Manage results at any time, 
  • Streamline decision-making
  • Have all communication grouped in a single channel. 

In that sense, Marta Atúnez, director of Wayra Barcelona, said: "From Wayra, we are excited to invest in a start-up that, with its video messaging app focused on B2B, is being able to bring agility and security to the processes of companies and improve communication between teams. We are convinced that Camillion's solution will lead the asynchronous communication sector for companies and improve the lives of millions of professionals," 

The application currently has over 5,000 workers in Mexico already using the platform to send and validate their tasks between managers and employees.

In addition, the three largest retail companies in Mexico, Petco, Farmacia San Pablo, and Office Depot, are already testing this application which is starting to increase the organization's profitability by more than 15%.

The goal of improving life for remote workers 

"Camillion will improve the quality of work of millions of people who have to do routine tasks at points of sale around the world", Adrián Doménech, Co-Founder and CEO of Camillion.

With this capital injection, the start-up wants to be scalable in its parent company, Mexico. 

It expects to reach 20 new companies during 2023 to offer its unique and innovative service. In this way, it will lay the foundations to establish a globally scalable product.

Camillion was one of the winning firms of the second edition of Valencia Investors Day, where it was chosen by a jury formed by Juan Luis Hortelano, president of Startup Valencia; Victoria Majadas, from Big Ban Inversores; Javier Megias, from Fundación Innovación Bankiter; Santiago Reyna, from Atalaya; Inma Bea, from IVF and Juan López Santamaría, from Kibo Ventures. 

It was awarded the prize for Best Seed Startup for its commitment to a new mobile-first communication format, the "smart video messages," to offer more efficient, productive, and casual communication between workers, solving latent problems such as excessive video calls and synchronization of schedules.

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