European E-commerce grows 19 percent in 2017

October 3, 2017 by
Nico Hoeijmans

EuropeIn Europe, e-commerce will increase by 19% in 2017. This is predicted by the Global Ecommerce Association. Only e-commerce in Asia will be growing harder. With Europe having the highest internet penetration (80,5%), this growth is more striking. The research, executed by the E-commerce Foundation, says that although the e-commerce sales growth rate is forecasted to decline, e-commerce is still growing in all regions. Growth rates last year vary from 1.45 to 39 percent.

Logistic performance highest in Germany
One of the things found is that the logistical performance differs significantly per country. The score reflects perceptions of a country's logistics based on, among other things, the efficiency of customs clearance process, quality of trade- and transport-related infrastructure and ease quality of logistics services. It is the highest in Germany (4.23), followed by the United Kingdom (4.07) and the United States (3.99). Russia scores the lowest, with 2.57 points.

E-commerce in Europe: 400 billion euros in 2017
The entire B2C e-commerce turnover of the selected countries is expected to increase to about 1.56 trillion euros in 2017. The Asia Pacific region has the highest share of this e-commerce turnover. Europe has a bit more than a 25 percent share, with an e-commerce turnover of about 400 billion euros.

Europeans like to pay with credit card
Based on the information from the research in the selected European countries, the bank credit card is the most used payment method (54%) in Europe. It’s followed by debit card (45%), PayPal (39%), cash on delivery (20%), bank transfer (11%) and gift cards (7%). Turkey leads in monthly online payments, with 44 percent of the population making online payments monthly.

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