Google makes YouTube videos 'shoppable'

May 17, 2019 by
Nico Hoeijmans

youtubeSearch giant Google is testing its Google Express marketplace by putting product recommendations and prices below YouTube videos.

According to The Information, the company starts testing this with videos from global footwear giant Nike, among other things, and other brands that are connected to Google Express. Below the relevant videos, links are placed with recommendations that direct consumers to the product on Google’s marketplace.

Product information

In addition, reviews are included along the product information underneath the videos, and customers are informed about the return process. It is not yet known how far these new functionalities will be implemented, and whether all YouTube videos will soon be provided with product links. The Information based the news on a few anonymous sources. However, it is clear that the search giant wants to give its marketplace a boost, to compete against marketplace giant, such as Amazon, for example.

That last statement became clear last week as well, when Google announced that it wanted to significantly expand the Google Express portfolio with more retailers. In addition, the marketplace is undergoing a rebrand.

Shoppable ads

This is Google’s next step into making its content shoppable. In March, the company announced it will start testing 'Shoppable ads' in Google Images. This allows consumers to purchase an item directly from the image. As this is still being carried out on a trial basis, not everyone is able to use this function yet. In addition, the new shoppable ads are only applied to a small part of the images for now.


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