Huboo is ready to launch in Germany!

June 22, 2022 by
Frank Calviño

After launching in the Netherlands in 2021, the e-commerce company founded in the UK and already active in Spain, Huboo, is preparing to launch in Germany. 

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Huboo's expansion

Founded in 2017, Huboo has been growing to have warehouses, today, in the UK, Spain, and the Netherlands. Through the use of national and international couriers and its extensive network of fulfillment centers, it is able to ship packages globally. 

Huboo has sought to make fulfillment cost-effective and easy to start. This is what has enabled sellers and businesses of all sizes to use its services. At the moment, the company works with small startups, SMEs, and large enterprise customers alike. 

The Hub model

Today, the e-commerce fulfillment market is very active, with many dedicated companies operating in Europe. In this regard, Huboo argues that sellers using it can take advantage of the company's Hub Model.

In this model, warehouses are divided into micro-warehouses, called Hubs. The Hubs are managed, in turn, by a team that is dedicated to a small number of brands, functioning as an extension of the team. 

According to Huboo, this is a time-saving model because warehouse workers no longer need to find products throughout the warehouse. At the same time, order picking and packing are facilitated and accelerated. It is a scalable model, which means that as the business grows, the Hub grows as well. 

Arrival in Germany

The company will soon start operations in Germany, in Leipzig. In this city, it will have a warehouse that will bring the company's floor space to 378,000 square meters. According to its representatives, this new location will enable customers to take advantage of the benefits and opportunities of e-commerce in the country. 

Huboo has stated that its goal for this year is to expand, as well as to increase its operations in already active markets. Therefore, new fulfillment centers are expected to be opened in other countries. 

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