PcComponentes is getting ready to launch its e-commerce in France

June 5, 2023 by
Frank Calviño

The Spanish pc parts and online tech products retailer PcComponentes is getting ready to launch its e-commerce in France. 

This expansión has been expected for a long time and would presumably occur during the coming months, following a report by multiple Spanish e-commerce specialized media. 

France represents the second step in its internationalization strategy, following the expansion to Portugal made in 2017 in Portugal, a market that now accounts for approximately 10% of its business. Last 2022, PcComponentes also opened its marketplaces to the local market.

PcComponentes' internationalization strategy - part of the company's medium-term objectives - was initially planned to be developed under the UNILAE brand, a rebranding aimed at offering a more appealing name and concept to the global market. 

PcComponentes try UNILAE, but failed

The UNILAE concept was to offer a more ‘Amazon style marketplace’ offering other products and sectors such as fashion, furniture, and clothing besides the traditional pc parts and tech products that PcComponentes is recognized for. 

However, after the closure of UNILAE announced last November, plans are back to square one, and it will be under the PcComponentes brand name that internationalization will be attacked.

In addition, the company from Murcia announced a few months ago the opening of its new warehouses, also located in Alhama de Murcia, which will double the logistics capacity of the brand, which will now allow it to "tackle the challenge of internationalization with maximum guarantees," as the company acknowledges.

In its last fiscal year for which data is known, 2021, PcComponentes closed the year with a turnover of 564.7 million euros, 12.7% less (i.e. 82 million euros less) than the pandemic year 2020, which set the record for the Spanish company: 647 million euros.

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