2024 CES presents the Rabbit 1, the smartphone ‘killer’ 

January 17, 2024 by
Frank Calviño

During the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show, was revealed a new device called Rabbit 1 that aims to change the way we use apps and at the same time, make smartphones obsolete.

The device is a mix between a Tamagotchi and a phone and doubles up as a 'multi-gadget' that promises to be able to do all functions a current smartphone does, without the need for a keyword, and powered by AI.

The Rabbit 1 revolution  

This device is expected to bring forth a revolution in 2024, as it incorporates artificial intelligence to perform many tasks that simplify people's daily lives. The startup behind this device is Rabbit, has also developed its operating system (Rabbit OS). But what exactly is the Rabbit 1?

Rabbit 1, is a small device that fits in the palm of the hand, and is designed to be an alternative to conventional smartphones. Its main differentiator lies in eliminating applications, which no longer need to be downloaded, installed, or executed to use them. Simply ask it to act, and Rabbit 1 will take care of it, without the need to type text.

This device operates using a concept called the Large Action Model (LAM), or "long action model". The inclusion of LAM is crucial to Rabbit 1's operation, as the company explains "thanks to recent advances in neuro symbolic programming, LAM enables direct modeling of the structure of various applications and the user actions performed in them without a transient representation, such as text." This means that there is no need to download apps, Rabbit 1's operating system is trained to learn how to use mobile apps.

A really small Rabbit

On the hardware side, we find a compact device that fits comfortably in your pocket, with a 2.88-inch screen, a button to press to give commands to the device, and a small wheel. Its performance is backed up by 4 GB of memory, ample 128 GB storage, and a powerful 2.3 GHz MediaTek processor. It also incorporates a camera that, in addition to taking a photo, can perform a 360º rotation, which extends its functions to offer suggestions, as I know in the founder's demonstration, which focuses on the refrigerator and asks what can be done to eat.

A crucial element to note is the battery. The company has claimed that this battery "lasts all day" and emphasizes its ongoing efforts to improve battery durability. This focus on power autonomy reflects the company's commitment to optimizing the user experience, ensuring that Rabbit 1 efficiently adapts to day-to-day demands.

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