Shopify Editions Winter 2024 is here and comes packed with AI power!

February 2, 2024 by
Frank Calviño

Shopify announced its first round of upgrades for 2024, the so-called 'Shopify Editions Winter 2024', and it is filled with over 100 improvements and new functionalities. 

The company has unveiled more than 100 updates to help merchants be more productive and creative. Among the new functionalities are features based on generative AI, new and better conversion tools, new sales channels tools, new operations tools, and a development Shopify Flow tool. 

All to facilitate domestic and international sales, both on the store's own website and across other channels. In honor of the Shopify brand name, which comes from the word "simplify," the company has emphasized that it "works to make things easier," highlighting the power of AI, which is now incorporated throughout its platform.

Among the new features is Semantic Search, a new AI-powered feature that goes beyond searching for matches to terms or keywords and better understands shopper intent, returning richer, more relevant search results that can help drive conversion.

Similarly, with Magic Media Editor, Shopify wants to help sellers edit their product image backgrounds using AI. With this tool, they will also have the ability to match the background style of an image to an existing image to maintain the visual consistency of their respective brands and even remove unwanted backgrounds.

Shopify goes for ‘AI-driven’  

Perhaps one of the clearest trends in the Shopify Editions Winter 2024 is the use and integration of powerful AI tools to help businesses sell more, better, and more efficiently. 

In this sense, Shopify has pushed forward AI implementation with their now famous AI assistant Sidekick and now, just revealed in this Winter Editions, its new AI-enabled image editing features. 

This functionality, called Magic, will allow businesses to Instantly generate, match, or remove the background of their existing images using just a few clicks or keywords. No design skills are needed. Available in early 2024.

Magic also provides AI-generated text to complete new pages in your store more quickly with or you could also ask Shopify Magic to write an About Us or FAQ page for your business to help customers build trust in your brand.

Shopify goes for the head with Headless Storefront 

The Headless B2B Storefronts feature helps stores create highly personalized shopping experiences, including using Shopify APIs and developer tools to enable B2B checkouts and access personalized products and pricing within headless stores. It also includes the 'Sales rep permissions' update that allows merchants to "assign sales reps to B2B customers, allowing them to place orders and view information only for assigned customers." This way, specific access levels can be defined for sales reps through roles.

Among other novelties, the new Editions Winter 2024 brings the following features: 

Shopify Combined Listings

Products that come in multiple colors or styles can all be merchandised from a single parent listing, each variation with its own description, media gallery, and URL with the Combined Listings app. Exclusive to Shopify Plus.

Rich attributes for each product category

Our updated taxonomy maps each standard product category to a rich set of associated attributes, making it easier to create, classify, and organize products, and automatically generate variants.

APIs supporting up to 2,000 variants per product

We’ve released new product APIs to unlock up to 2,000 variants per product to better support more complex catalogs. Available in developer preview, and to select businesses in 2024.


  • POS Go is now available in the UK and Ireland
  • Remote logout for POS Go
  • Manage language settings for POS devices from the admin

Manage UI extensions across locations in the admin

Retailers with multiple locations and hardware devices can more easily install and activate new UI extensions from the POS channel in the admin.

New smart grid editor in the admin

Reduce setup time using the new smart grid editor in admin, where you can configure and assign smart grid layouts on a per-location basis.

Customized receipts that match your brand

The new Liquid code editor for printed receipts is an easy-to-use editor that customizes the presentation of printed receipts so that they can reflect your brand.


Sync customer data from 3P marketing channels

Understand your marketing ROI with more insights across channels. Pull customer events from Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Seguno, and Pinterest. Plus, you'll soon be able to surface ad cost and impression data from Google, Pinterest, Snapchat, and TikTok.

Know and predict the value of your customer cohorts

Use historical and predictive spend metrics found in the Cohort Analysis report to gain Shopify-powered insights into the long-term value of your customers, and optimize customer retention over time.

Import and export customer metafields

You can now import the exact customer information you need on Shopify and export metafield information for analysis.

You can find out much more about Shopify new features by visiting the Shopify Editions Winter 2024 dedicated website here

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