Spanish customers are more willing to buy from brands with a social mission

December 29, 2022 by
Frank Calviño

Following a Showroomprive survey, 71.23% of Spaniards are more willing to buy from brands with a social mission or that provide support to NGOs.

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Donating part of the profits to social initiatives and humanitarian organizations seems essential to leave a mark as a brand in the hearts of Spaniards. 

Compared to the 28.77% of respondents who say they are not influenced by this type of "solidarity marketing" actions, 71.23% of consumers prioritize their purchases in those companies with a charitable soul that donate part of their profits to NGOs. 

Supporting responsible consumption, caring for the environment, helping vulnerable groups, making room in the closet for other trends... All these reasons have deeply penetrated the collective conscience, which is reflected in the actions of Spanish customers: according to the survey, 86.74% acknowledge having donated second-hand fashion at some time, compared to 13.26%.

Social missions preferred in Spain

The survey by Showroomprive highlighted the six issues that Spanish society is most concerned about in 2023. 

The impact of inflation on the domestic economy worries Spaniards the most, with the economic crisis being the most voted, with 63.19%. It is followed by other issues such as the impact of the pandemic (53.88%), poverty and social inequality (50.07%), climate emergency (47.25%), gender violence (31.73%), and racism (21.30%).  

  • The economic crisis: 63.19%.
  • The impact of the pandemic: 53.88%.
  • Poverty and social inequality: 50.07%.
  • Climate emergency: 47.25%.
  • Gender-based violence: 31.73%.
  • Racism: 21.30% 

Showroomprive bet on solidarity with ‘Move Forward’

Showroomprive exemplifies this type of ‘solidarity company’ through its CSR project "Move Forward" which has led it to collaborate this 2022 with various Spanish NGOs, such as The National Confederation of Women in Equality, in support of victims of gender violence, and the CRIS Research Foundation Against Cancer. 

Respect for the environment, social inclusion, and women's rights are at the heart of the company's social responsibility actions. 

All in all, it seems clear that brands will need to keep a social and eco-friendly profile if they want to succeed in Spain during 2023. 

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