Successfully launch your international online sales strategy!

May 10, 2022 by
Frank Calviño

By our partners at LogiCommerce. Consumers are increasingly buying products online across borders, which undoubtedly offers the opportunity for thousands of businesses to expand internationally in a much simpler and less costly way, thanks to eCommerce. 

According to data provided by Statista, in 2021 more than 8 out of 10 online shoppers in Austria made cross-border purchases. Belgium and Switzerland came in second with 72% and 65% of eCommerce users shopping on international sites. 

61% of users in Spain, Portugal, and Finland, shop internationally and are followed by the Netherlands, France, Italy, and Germany with 54%, 50%, 47%, and 37% respectively. 

Adapting the eCommerce content and main settings such as language, currency, payment methods, logistics management, shipping costs, and many more things in your international sales strategy are crucial to reaching new markets successfully. 

In eCommerce, the greatest barriers are usually the logistics service and shipping costs, i.e., the time it takes to deliver a product from the time the consumer places the order until it is received, and the costs involved therein. For this reason, you should have an eCommerce platform that meets all these requirements.

LogiCommerce is the eCommerce software ready to grow your business to new markets rapidly, efficiently, and effectively thanks to more than 200 high-end native features that create the best shopping experience.

  • Configure multiple domains by language or by country to create more engagement and higher SEO ranking 
  • Target your audience and adapt your content to several languages 
  • Set prices, discounts, and shipping in different currencies to reach a wider target market 
  • Apply different tax policies depending on the product and country source and destination
  • Generate multiple shipments of an order based on different logistic criteria
  • Set up and segment payment systems for each currency and country
  • Create multiple invoicing companies and bill your customers based on their location

Create and edit your content with ease to manage an overall digital experience across all your sales channels, thanks to its advanced WYSIWYG editor. Moreover, you can filter the visualization of pages, banners, category areas, blog posts, news, and many more by country, area, user, and user group. 

Manage each country easily

Managing your eCommerce by country has never been that easy. Automatically display currency, language, and formats or simply redirect consumers based on location. Customize your eCommerce according to each location by identifying the user’s source via GeoIP and blocking it for countries not included in the sales areas by showing a blank page and redirecting users to another domain.

It also offers a multi-carrier shipping and fulfillment solution integrated with your preferred national and international shipping carriers with which your platform can automatically calculate shipping costs based on the consumer location and other advanced parameters. Configure shipping costs by weight or order amount and specify the shipping destination countries allowed by shipping method.

Assign your warehouses to different logistics centers to effectively manage your deliveries and define the geographical areas of influence of each warehouse to cover all your shipments. In case the linked warehouse with the highest priority doesn’t have stock, supply it for another one.

Control card and bank information

Securely send credit card information directly from the client’s browser to the multiple local and international payment gateways. Calculate taxes automatically from your base price and break down all taxes, shipping costs, and all associated costs with the payment method in the shopping cart and sales document. 

Simplify the entire process of creating, maintaining, and managing your products and specifications for your Headless Front-ends with multiple options such as shopping by brand, showing related products, providing advanced product personalization, sending out of stock notifications, scheduling content, offering product duplication, assigning products to multiple categories, and many more. 

Grow your business while simplifying the process of internationalization with a highly customizable platform that helps you boost sales and increase traffic by supporting all your business needs. LogiCommerce is the solution to deliver outstanding shopping experiences anywhere and grow with confidence providing maximum speed to guarantee the best for both your online store and your customers. 

To sum up, we highly recommend you review all these functionalities prior to choosing an eCommerce platform. Is your eCommerce prepared for multiple currencies? Can you customize content and prices per country? Can the platform handle increasing traffic during peak seasons? All these factors and more can influence whether or not your international sales strategy will be successful.

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