Sustainable Logistics: The next frontier!

August 11, 2022 by
Frank Calviño

Sustainability is constantly mentioned by everyone nowadays. Yet, we keep failing at implement it in a proper and - forgive us the obvious pun - sustainable way. 

That's why today we want to join forces with our friends from Linker to talk about this vital subject and offer all of our reader access to an amazing tool: Linker's e-book 'Sustainable Logistics: The Need for Green Growth' 

This e-book deals with the key pain points of current logistic concerning sustainability, and does it by presenting a remarkably coherent and truthful approach: to achieve a future of sustainable logistics, we need to understand that this is a matter that involves all us. From the customer to the brand, including the logistic operator or purveyor, the only way to achieve sustainability is to change the way the whole system currently operates. 

And Linker in this e-book 'Sustainable Logistics: The Need for Green Growth' poses the right questions and the possible answers in five chapters: 

  • Chapter 1: Current market situation description.
  • Chapter 2: The role of packaging in sustainable logistics.
  • Chapter 3: Shipping industry vs. climate changes.
  • Chapter 4: Green warehouses: an indispensable element of a sustainable supply chain.
  • Chapter 5: The ecological side of fulfillment and last-mile delivery.

This e-book was created as joint effort of Linker Cloud, Packhelp, Direct Link, Cushman & Wakefield. 

Finally, we would like to quote the words of Daniel Kierdal, CEO at Linker who aptly surmises the spirit of this amazing e-book:

We are part of a larger environmental, so-
cial, and economic ecosystem for which we
are responsible, both as service providers
and consumers. It is only by joining forces
and taking action together that we can im-
prove the existing ecological situation, and
proudly say that we do it consciously.
The logistics industry does this by making
efforts, taking further steps, and chang-
ing existing business decisions - by placing
warehouses and distribution points more
efficiently, switching from convention-
al packaging materials to green solutions
based on recycled packaging or returnable
packaging, and aiming to reduce carbon
offsetting through decisions to focus on
eco-friendly delivery (including the use of
green helices, biofuels, and route optimiza-
tion programs).
We want not only to see the business world
moving in the direction of eco, but also to
be a part of it. That is why we are sharing
with you today our comprehensive report
detailing the aforementioned actions.

Daniel Kierdal, CEO at Linker
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