Whitepaper: Checkout4Fashion
The opportunities available to retailers within the fashion industry are enormous. As the world becomes increasingly connected, it also becomes easier and cheaper to sell clothes, footwear and accessories to consumers in...
June 18, 2019
Free whitepaper: How to Build a Trusted Brand Abroad? 15 Tips and Tricks.
Cross-border e-commerce is growing rapidly. This offers lots of opportunities for e-commerce players but requires focus. Just like personal relationships, buying online involves a leap of faith. It is unlikely...
June 4, 2019
Whitepaper: Green & Social Delivery Report
Rijk van Meekeren is all about pushing boundaries. His eyes start to sparkle whenever he sees an opportunity to do things a better way. It's part of his drive to...
July 2, 2018
Whitepaper: How to target an additional 58 million online shoppers? - Crossing the border to Germany
Cross-border business remains one of the very few growth opportunities in today‘s highly optimized e-commerce landscape. Utilizing the differences in pricing, taxes, consumer preference and scale, smart merchants can easily access huge potential even if...
June 20, 2018
Whitepaper: US Online Marketplaces: What to consider?
The US e-commerce market is thriving as online retail continues to mature and embed itself in shoppers’ psyche. Traditional brick-and-mortar retailers operating in the country face significant cost pressures in...
August 15, 2017
7 best packaging practices for e-commerce success
The white paper “7 best packaging practices for e-commerce success” by Ranpak captures the current trends in e-commerce and the resulting practical tips for the best in-the-box packaging. In today’s...
May 29, 2017
New Acapture Whitepaper outlines trends in cross-border, AI usage and the future of payments
The white paper “Future trends in consumer behavior:  Technology in a connected world 2017-2020” by Acapture explores current consumer trends and preferences and provides tools for merchants to optimize their...
April 20, 2017
Insights: Organizing your localization program
The cross-border ecommerce market is expected to more than double within the next five years, reaching $424 billion by 2021. In response, more and more businesses are stepping up their...
March 21, 2017
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