Free whitepaper: How to Build a Trusted Brand Abroad? 15 Tips and Tricks.

June 4, 2019 by
Nico Hoeijmans

TrustCross-border e-commerce is growing rapidly. This offers lots of opportunities for e-commerce players but requires focus.

Just like personal relationships, buying online involves a leap of faith. It is unlikely your target audience abroad knows your brand. Making sure your brand or business is trusted is crucial for international success.

We tend to be more trusting towards people and companies that are familiar or close to us, and can be somewhat sceptical for the unknown. In this whitepaper created by Trustpilot and Salesupply, several strategies to grow brand trust abroad, focused around localization, reputation, and delivery are outlined.

Get 15 tips and tricks to boost trust in your business, centred around these three tactics:

  • Localisation and customer service
  • Social proof and online reputation
  • Delivery and check-out
Download the whitepaper here.
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