Twitter launched three new ad-targeting options

December 5, 2022 by
Frank Calviño

To seek out new advertisers, Twitter has launched three new ad-targeting options, including a new 'Conversions' objective that the social network announced last August.

Previously, Twitter advertisers could optimize campaigns to focus on clicks, site visits, and conversions in the broader sense of the objective. The update allows brands to further select - inside the Conversions tab - potential users' profiles depending on their intended action. 

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As detailed by the social network in a blog post, the first update concerns the enhancement of the 'Conversions' tab. Now, advertisers can target their ads to users most likely to respond.

In a statement, Twitter explained that instead of trying to reach targets who click on an ad, advertisers would be able to broaden their search to people who are likely to take action. Several options are available: add to cart, view product, buy, register contact information and subscribe.

Twitter ad-targeting with Dynamic Products 

The second major update launched by Twitter is 'Dynamic Product Ads'. This new feature allows advertisers to present the most relevant product to the customer at the right time. This option is an improvement on the previous version that has been around since 2016, as it optimizes ad performance by integrating a more confidential approach to protecting user data.

Finally, the social network has also launched a 'New Ad Collection.' This new format allows advertisers to share the main image with smaller thumbnails underneath. "The main image remains static, while people can navigate through the thumbnails via horizontal scrolling. When tapped, each image can take consumers to a different landing page," the social network explained.

Twitter goes ‘live” 

Twitter CEO Elon Musk, on Saturday, added a new feature, 'live tweeting,' and now it is active on the platform.

Author Matt Taibbi becomes the first user to use this new feature with his cryptic tweet "Thread: THE TWITTER FILES."

His tweet also added that the Twitter Files tell a fantastic story from the inside of the world’s largest and most influential social media sites. He says that it is a Frankensteinian tale of human-made mechanisms which are grown out of designer control.

The ‘live tweeting’ feature used for the “THE TWITTER FILES” allows any user to tweet while an event is going on ‘live’ on Twitter. You can add your tweet thread in between the threads of the ‘live’ event and can get views and become viral using the follower base of the organization or influencer - the account - that launched the ‘live’ event.

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