UK E-Commerce to reach 200 billion euros

June 19, 2019 by
Nico Hoeijmans

UKPhoneBy the end of 2019, the turnover of B2C e-commerce in the United Kingdom is forecasted to reach even more than €200 billion. Compared to last year (€175 billion), that would equal an increase of 14.6%.

According to a report about the UK by Ecommerce Foundation, an increase of 1 percentage point is also expected for the share of British people who use the internet. This percentage has been at 95% for the previous three years. This increase would mean significant growth in e-commerce sales compared to the last years.

In 2015, the country’s GDP was made up of an e-commerce sales share of 5.2%. If the forecast will be reached at the end of 2019, that percentage will increase to 8%. An approximate amount of 87% of the British online population is expected to make an online purchase this year. That share has not changed significantly over the years.

However, the amount that is annually spent on online purchases per customer is increasing with significant amounts. Last year, this amount increased from €2515 in 2015 to €3254. According to the E-commerce Foundation, this average will rise up to an expected amount of €3620.

Preferences in the UK

The most frequently used payment method in the United Kingdom is Paypal, with a share of 40%. The second most popular method is a credit card (23.7%), followed by prepaid cards (17.2%).

As for delivery in the UK, the most preferred option for 61% is still home delivery. Delivery at home in the evening, instead of during the day, is preferred by only 14%. For 13%, the most ideal option is delivery to a (multi-occupancy) mailbox.

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