Vinted launches Vinted Go, its logistic solution

June 28, 2022 by
Frank Calviño

Vinted is one of the world's leading second-hand fashion marketplaces. Known as Lithuania's first unicorn, it is a platform where users can buy and sell second-hand fashion. It currently operates in a total of 12 European markets with more than 65 million users and has recently launched in Italy and the Netherlands. 

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Vinted is now owned by Vinted Group. With the launch of the new logistics arm, the business structure has been changed. Both are now owned by the new parent company. 

The launch of Vinted Go 

Vinted has recently announced the launch of its own logistics alternative, called Vinted Go. From this, it will not only allow its online delivery platform to be used by other companies, but will also have its own parcel warehouses in and around Paris. 

According to the company, currently, the shipping infrastructure between different countries in Europe is somewhat fragmented and inaccessible. In this regard, they have identified greater connectivity and convenience as fundamental to the growth of e-commerce. 

Therefore, the launch of Vinted Go is intended to create a standalone business that can focus only on parcel delivery, thereby expanding the offering to consumers and improving the delivery experience. 

How will Vinted Go work?

Launching in June in Paris and around, Vinted Go will have a total of 200,000 lockers and 40 carriers. It will be a pick-up and delivery solution with its own network of lockers, where users will be able to choose the delivery option, from which electric vans will deliver parcels to the lockers. Vinted has stated its intention to generate environmentally friendly solutions for deliveries.

On the other hand, Vinted Go will offer an online delivery platform for other companies. This will connect and improve the carrier infrastructure for corporations. 

From these new possibilities, the company is aiming for a better overall delivery experience for all users.

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