German e-commerce will grow 57.8 billion in 2019

May 6, 2019 by
Romy Piepenbrock

GermanyWhitepaperGerman e-commerce will predictably increase by 9% in 2019. If the prediction becomes true, the German e-commerce industry will be worth 57.8 billion euros at the end of this year. German e-commerce increases every year, but the growth rate has slowly been decreasing in the last few years.

This information comes from a report by Handelsverband Deutschland. They did not only share e-commerce statistics, but also information about the whole retail industry in Germany.

The business-to-consumer e-commerce industry in Germany was worth 53.3 billion euros last year and will expectedly increase by 8.5%. With this increase, e-commerce in Germany will be worth 57.8 billion euros at the end of this year.


Online retail sales in Germany (2000-2019)

German e-commerce positive about growth of multi-channel retail

The growth in the German e-commerce does not affect all e-commerce companies in the country. In 2019, 35% of companies expect a decrease in sales and 32% expect an increase. The remaining 33% think the total retail sales will stagnate.

When the same companies are asked about the online sales expectations of the multi-channel industry, 64% expect an increase. Only 11% think these sales will decrease in the current year. The e-commerce industry in Germany will increase by approximately 8.5% this year; stationary retail is expected to grow by 1.3%.

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