About You will introduce a minimum order value for free shipping

January 16, 2023 by
Frank Calviño

German fashion platform About You will introduce a minimum order value for free shipping in all markets in 2023. The company informed the German news site Neuhandeln. This should ensure that there will be fewer orders with low prices. Such orders are often impossible and cost the company a lot of money.

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The pilot phase will be in Europe 

About You will roll it out in several European pilot phases, where conditions will be adapted to demand and local conditions. Currently, the company is testing in the French online store. 

There, they only have free shipping for customers who order at least €24.90, below which they pay €3.90 in shipping costs. During the previous year, shipping in France would have been free of charge. 

This is also being tested in Belgium and Ireland. Shipping is free in the Netherlands at the moment.

About You: more sales, but double the losses 

One of the issues the company had during the past 2022 was a combination of an increase in revenue to 1.7 billion euros; at the same time, losses doubled compared to the year before. 

Although the company claimed this is because of growth investments. The adjusted EBITDA for About You at the end of 2022, came in at -66.9 million euros. 

Currently, the company belongs to the Otto Group. However, the three original founders and CEOs of ABOUT YOU, Tarek Müller, Sebastian Betz, and Hannes Wiese, are still engaged in the company.

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