Alibaba Group launches Select a B2B sourcing service

October 25, 2022 by
Frank Calviño, the B2B marketplace of Alibaba Group, has launched a new service ' Select', designed for retailers, distributors, wholesalers, and medium and large enterprises that currently import or are interested in importing from China.

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The service is inspired by Alibaba's .com expertise in B2B e-commerce and its partner ecosystem and has been designed exclusively for B2B buyers. Select: a logical solution 

These new services could be inspired by the study 'The Future of B2B E-Commerce: Online Platforms', conducted by Euromonitor International in collaboration with

The study showed that large companies have managed to adapt quickly to digital-only business, but SMEs (sellers or buyers) have been slower to change their strategy and adopt e-commerce.

According to the study, this is often due to a lack of resources and access to information about the possibilities offered by the platforms, leading them to focus more on collaboration with established partners. 

' Select' directly addresses this need by providing a comprehensive B2B sourcing service.

Alibaba aims to streamline the B2B purchase process 

The purchasing process for a buyer within ' Select' has been streamlined and simplified into five phases: 

  • sending a request for a quotation
  • analysis of the quotation
  • analysis of products and documentation
  • and signing the contract and agreement
  • Payment and delivery times 

Throughout the entire process, Alibaba .com's European team will support the buyer. In order to provide buyers with a high level of service, will carefully select the most suitable products. The buyer can be confident in receiving maximum visibility of production processes and real-time tracking of shipment status.

The project is mainly active in the following product categories, with competitive offers in terms of product quality and price: household products, including textiles and bedding, apparel, small household appliances, consumer electronics, DIY-related products, garden furniture, solar-related products (photovoltaic panels, microinverters) and E-Mobility (charging stations). has a network of 200,000 suppliers and more than 40 million buyers in over 200 countries. The launch of this new service continues the commitment to support B2B buyers in optimizing their own supply chains.

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