Amazon: most valuable brand in the world according to Brand Finance

January 23, 2023 by
Frank Calviño

Brand Finance has published its yearly Brand Finance Global 500 ranking, which reveals the most valuable brands on the planet according to their financial value.

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The British consulting firm publishes this list yearly, and in the 2023 edition, Amazon leads again at the top. Something Bezos company was not able to achieve since 2019, 

To do so, Amazon has unseated the technology company Apple. The top 5 is completed by Google, Microsoft, and Walmart, all U.S. companies that occupied exactly the same place in last year's edition.

Even so, regardless of Amazon's success, Brand Finance research has revealed that customers are recommending Amazon less than they used to, as they are ‘dissatisfied with the company's customer service’ and the fact that Amazon is no ‘longer keeping its delivery times’.

In addition, with people returning to face-to-face shopping, the need for online retail has decreased slightly. 

Apple and Google take a hit 

Meanwhile, technology company Apple, whose brand value is down 16% to $297.5 billion (€275.66 billion), is the second most valuable brand in the world. Last year its value was 355.1 billion dollars (318,126.26M€).

 The loss in value of Steve Jobs' company has been associated with a drop in expected revenues, as it is expected to be limited in the supply of its branded hardware products due to a disruption in the supply chain of goods and a tight labor market. 

With respect to Google, the technology giant, although it increased in value, did not achieve such a marked growth (6.8%). However, like last year, it retained third place, reaching $281.4 billion (260.742 billion euros).

Microsoft remains one of the most valuable brands 

Rounding out the top ten in this list are: in fourth place Microsoft, with a 6.8% increase in brand value to $281.4 billion (€260.742 billion). Microsoft has been recently buying iconic AI brands like OpenAI as well as taking a considerable bit out of the game developers market by capturing Blizzard and Bethesda Software. 

Could this combination be the beginning of a Microsoft honest attempt at creating Virtual - Metaverse - products? For many experts, this is the most likely scenario. 

 Walmart, one of the major retail players, retained fifth place, and its value increased by 1.7% to $113.8 billion (€105.445 billion). 

In sixth place, we find the Samsung Group (its brand value has decreased by 7.1% to 92.381 billion euros), the Chinese bank ICBC climbs to seventh place (64.398 billion euros), the American telecommunications giant, Verizon, occupies eighth place (62.452 billion euros).

BYD, is the fastest growing 

In this year's edition, Brand Finance names Chinese vehicle manufacturer BYD as the fastest-growing brand in the world. Thanks to the increased demand for electric cars, the brand's value has increased by 57% to 10.1 billion dollars (93,585 million euros). 

Second and third place go to the US energy company ConocoPhillips and the conglomerate Maersk, which have grown by 56% and 53%, respectively.

Also on the positive side are the social networks LinkedIn and Instagram, achieving brand growth of 49% (€14.362 M) and 42% (€43.920 M). The growth of these brands within the technology sector is thanks to the good execution of their service marketing strategies.

On the other hand, on the negative side, we find at the top, whose brand value has fallen by 56% to reach 10,000 million dollars (92,659 M€). The Chinese online store Tmall, with a loss of 44%, Alibaba's online subsidiary Taobao, and Facebook, with a loss of 42%, also appear.

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