Google plans new features for e-commerce

June 2, 2022 by
Frank Calviño

Google plans new features aimed at e-commerce. The decision was made public by Google and other platforms belonging to the Alphabet group, like YouTube, which has become a staple for customers as a place to review a product before making a purchase decision. 

In this context, Google has been looking for new possibilities to improve the shopping experience on the search engine.

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With this in mind, Google has stated that, in the coming months, advertisers will be able to display more visual ads in the Shopping SERP functionality for the U.S. audience. 

Also, understanding the value that the product touch experience still has for many people, it is estimated that it won't be long before 3D images of products can be displayed in Google Search’s SERPs.

The future of e-commerce with machine learning

In an increasingly competitive digital world, specialists have realized that the best way to grow a business is to combine data and marketing expertise with automatic learning tools. 

In this sense, Maximum Performance campaigns are thought of as a powerful alternative to appear in front of customers when they are on Google channels. This way, advertisers can use these campaigns to increase their overall conversions.

Google's news for the e-commerce sector in 2022

In order to offer new alternatives to advertisers, Google has announced new features oriented to e-commerce that aim to help businesses optimize their sales and increase their conversion rates:

  • Expanded campaign management support: this will be a possibility both in the Google Ads mobile app and in Search Ads 360. 
  • New experimentation tools: with the aim of identifying the effect that Maximum Performance campaigns have on incremental conversions. 
  • Burst" campaigns: these are developed during specific periods of time in order to reach the objectives of an online store at the most important moments of the sales season.
  • New statistics: access to detailed information regarding consumers and auctions, in order to understand what factors drive performance at any given moment. 
  • Support for sales goals: Google will seek to support store goals, optimizing online sales but also physical store sales through local actions. 
  • Scoring: finally, new optimization scores and recommendations will be implemented so that stores can learn how to improve their campaigns.

Google continues to uphold its goal of being the most useful company in the world. However, it understands the importance of making its products secure as well. Therefore, it will be adding releases that will help users control their privacy in their online experience, such as My Ad Center.

All in all, it seems Google is fine-tuning its Ad Center kit to provide a more direct - and sales-oriented - tool set for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

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