Kubbo arrives in Italy

May 31, 2022 by
Frank Calviño

The startup Kubbo Smart Logistics has recently announced its first international launch through the start of its activity in Italy. Having started its work in Barcelona in 2019, is now looking to expand its logistics digitization model for e-commerce brands. 

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Kubbo's objective is to transfer its integrated sales process management model to Italy. It is a fulfillment service that offers storage, picking, and packing services and same-day and next-day shipping alternatives. 

The growth of online commerce in Italy

Part of Kubbo's interest in expanding in Italy is related to the fact that it is one of the most promising markets for online sales in the future. 

Before the pandemic, the online commerce sector in Italy moved more than 16,000 M€ per year, in a market where 72% of consumers say they usually shop online. Today, Italy has an online commerce growth rate of 20% per year, compared to an estimated 10% for the European Union as a whole. This makes it one of the fastest-growing regions in Europe. 

The arrival of Kubbo in Italy

In this context, Kubbo begins its operations in the country through the implementation of a 25,000 m2 logistics center located in Milan. It will be operated by a specialist in the sector and is expected to have major Italian online retail brands as clients in the coming months. 

In Spain, the company has four of its own centers in Barcelona and Madrid, from which it manages the logistics of its clients, which are e-commerce SMEs. With its software, what it allows is full integration with the online store software, tracking the entire delivery process in real time. 

Now, Kubbo's goal is to bring this innovative logistics management model to Italy, thus becoming a reference partner for brands looking to grow in the e-commerce sector.

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