DHL Express enhances its MyGTS service with AI

December 27, 2023 by
Frank Calviño

DHL Express has enhanced its online platform My Global Trade Services (MyGTS) to help simplify the international shipping process for its customers and speed up cross-border processing through artificial intelligence (AI). Thanks to the platform's optimization, its users can, before shipping, have key information on customs formalities and estimated costs at the destination, as well as know the official regulatory requirements in each country.

Regardless of a company's size, freight forwarding plays an increasingly important role for e-commerce retailers. With the redesigned MyGTS platform, DHL Express is helping them reach new markets worldwide by providing relevant information on export and import requirements for customs clearance, essential for the smooth flow of international shipments.

MyGTS will use the HS codes

DHL Express customers can use the optimized MyGTS platform to use keywords or a directory to find the Harmonized System (HS) codes needed to ship their items. The platform uses AI and machine learning mechanisms to provide customers with the correct codes, making customs clearance faster and more accurate and minimizing delays. The enhanced platform also helps customers avoid surprises, such as possible unexpected additional customs duties or taxes.

MyGTS allows for costs at destination estimation, including customs duties and relevant taxes, which can be easily calculated before shipment. Here it is worth noting that, globally, 70% of today's online shoppers choose to pay local import duties and taxes upfront when making a cross-border purchase. Therefore, retailers that provide transparency on what the total cost of the online purchase will be through their platform reinforce their customers' trust and enhance their shopping experience.

Growing global concern for cross-border shopping 

DHL's Online Shopper Survey 2023 has been one of the main catalysts for DHL to push forward with MyGTS AI-based enhancement. According to the survey, 68% of Europeans made cross-border shopping regularly, and the same report indicates they are concerned about the stability and reliability of cross-border delivery. 

China ranks first, with 56% of imports to Spain. It is followed by the United States (21%) and the United Kingdom (18%). In our country, clothing, and footwear are the most requested products in cross-border orders, with 57%, ahead of consumer electronics (38%) or sports and entertainment items (22%).

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