NextSmartShip aims to revolutionize E-fulfillment with a Direct-from-Manufacturer Service

October 25, 2023 by
Frank Calviño

NextSmartShip (NSS) is aiming at becoming an unparalleled e-fulfillment solution for EU and USA markets by redefining how Direct-to-Customer (DTC) brands navigate global logistics. NSS e-fulfillment solutions shine on two pivotal offerings: its unmatched approach to leveraging China's supply chain and its groundbreaking direct-from-manufacturer express service. 

Visionary logistical professionals have conceived this logistics partner, which stands as a GLOCAL logistics titan anchored in top-notch technology. With a robust and expanding portfolio of over 2,000 DTC brands, NSS has cemented its position as the go-to for reliable, economical, and proficient fulfillment services, annually delivering millions of packages to destinations worldwide. 

The company's multifaceted suite encompasses DTC fulfillment, Crowdfunding fulfillment, FBA Prep & FBM, B2B order fulfillment, and Subscription box management. Earlier this year, the company garnered a significant multimillion-dollar A-Crop investment from Gobi Partners GBA, propelling its global footprint, brand strategy, and SaaS infrastructure development.

NSS: a bridge between China and Europe 

In June 2023, NSS inaugurated its European branch in Amsterdam, complemented by an impending debut of the US branch. Historically, NSS managed 11 state-of-the-art fulfillment centers in regions like the EU, US, UK, AU, and JP, operating via 100+ shipping routes that spanned over 200 nations. Given that more than 80% of their DTC clientele are based in the US China, the epicenter of the global supply chain, manufactures 70% of DTC items.

Despite 95% of DTC brands operating outside of China, NSS stands out as the sole significant Chinese company capitalizing on direct dropshipping from this prodigious source. This strategic alignment not only distinguishes them from European competitors but also results in substantial cost efficiencies, translating to savings of up to 70% for users. 

These savings stem from a holistic management of the global supply chain and the inherent advantages of their China-based fulfillment center, which minimizes communication costs, warehouse overheads, and inventory surplus.

The power of direct express service

NSS further distinguishes itself with a pioneering direct express service. Abstaining from the traditional dependency on local warehouses, NSS offers a solution where online sellers can dispatch products directly from the production facility to the consumers within an impressive 3-5 days, ensuring streamlined inventory control. Backed by a 24/7 English-speaking support team, NSS remains committed to delivering unmatched customer service on a global scale.

NSS's upcoming engagements include appearances at the Madrid Tech Show on October 30- 31 and the Webwinkel Vakdagen from January 23-24, 2024. Additionally, they have recently unveiled a European partnership initiative, extending an invitation to e-commerce stakeholders to join forces in creating game-changing brand solutions.

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