TradeINN turnover is over the 500 million euros mark!

March 14, 2024 by
Frank Calviño

TradeINN, a sports equipment and apparel e-commerce, has achieved a turnover of more than 500 million euros, representing a 15% growth compared to 2022. 

"2023 was a challenging year due to the global context. The increase, for example, in transport costs (which shot up by 40%) affected us, especially in markets outside Europe, where we had a 5% drop in turnover. However, we have compensated for this with sales in Europe," explains David Martin, CEO and founder of TradeInn, "The truth is that we are very satisfied with the final result, both in terms of turnover and company profits, which is 10% of turnover.

Rising transport costs and an alliance with Spring GDS

According to David Marting, rising transport costs have made specialized logistics companies even more important. "In this respect, we could highlight Spring GDS, with whom we have had a natural partnership for many years. We have jointly opened markets in remote countries, and we have also optimized lines closer to home in Europe. 

Emiliano Vidal, Managing Director of Spring GDS for Southern Europe, said: "Spring GDS is proud to be considered as a partner by TradeINN. We have achieved this thanks to the trust that David mentioned and the efforts of each one of us, so that if there are any difficulties, we can find a solution and prevent the chain from being affected". David Martín corroborates this. "We have experienced this during strikes, changes in marketplaces, or at times of sales peaks above forecasts: the operations teams are in permanent contact seven days a week. It is important to work with partners who keep up with us, with 24/7 operations. Consumers in the UK don't care if it's a holiday or not in Spain, they expect their purchase to be handled as quickly as possible.

Spring industry knowledge was instrumental a couple of years ago; Brexit created a lot of uncertainty in the e-commerce sector, especially regarding logistics. Spring offered us a solution that allowed us to continue selling from day one and to take advantage of this situation to continue growing in this market, as many e-commerce companies had stopped selling to the UK because they didn't know how to do it or didn't have a partner to accompany them through this change".

TradeINN is currently serving more than 20 million customers 

TradeInn currently serves more than 20 million customers in 150 countries, in both hemispheres and has 18 business verticals. This results in a high turnover in demand for different sports products, so there is no one time of the year when sales are far in excess of another but are steady, voluminous, and growing. 

"For example, the high temperatures of recent months have had an impact on product typology: winter sports gave way to other sales drivers such as cycling (BIkeinn), mountain sports (Trekinn), as well as the new vertical that embraces several disciplines (+Sports), such as golf or horse riding. And given the good performance they have had, we do not rule out the possibility of converting the latter into a specific vertical if these sports become very popular", says David Martín.

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