83% of cross-border e-commerce items weigh less than 2 kilos

July 20, 2022 by
Frank Calviño
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By our partners at Direct Link - Approximately 83% of all cross-border e-commerce items weigh less than 2 kilos, according to a report by Statista. This is further confirmed by an Accenture report that places a similar percentage - around 84% - for packages below the 2-kilo mark.  

During the survey, around 29 percent of respondents stated their cross-border deliveries weighed somewhere between 0.2 kg to 0.5 kg.

A big solution for small packages

That is why having a tailormade logistic solution, aimed at easing and speeding your small packages, is vital for any brand or company wishing to be successful while running a cross-border operation. 

And if you found new interesting markets to target, then Merchandise Mail Plus from Direct Link will make your international deliveries easy. You get the reach and efficiency of the postal system as your item is delivered to your customer´s mailbox – safe and convenient. 

The communication with the customers is managed smoothly. Your customers receive pre-advice emails, which keeps them informed and reduces calls to your customer service department. The pre-advice email can also be used for marketing purposes; in addition to delivery status information, you can include personalized offers, promotions, and other messages. 

Choose service level 

Country Tracked; this is a cost-effective service level for low-value items to customers worldwide. Your customer will receive two email notifications from Direct Link; one when the item has been received for further processing, and the second when the item has arrived at the country of destination. The item is conveniently delivered to the recipient´s mailbox.  Items too large for the mailbox are notified for pick up at a local post office or service point. 

Fully Tracked; with our fully tracked service level, you get even more features. Besides the features provided in the Country Tracked level you here have full end-to-end tracking to most key destinations worldwide and, if required, a delivery confirmation. This service level is the most secure way to send your item. 

Added value with advertising; when buying Direct Link´s Merchandise Mail Plus service we offer added value by making it possible to place personalized ads embedded in your email tracking alerts. You have the flexibility to vary your campaigns towards different target markets including using local language and graphics. 

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