Google Data Studio becomes Looker Studio and consolidates its business intelligence tools

July 27, 2023 by
Frank Calviño

Google Cloud is integrating all its existing data analysis tools into Looker, which will now be part of Looker Suite and also include its own Locker Pro, encompassing all artificial intelligence and machine learning tools under its umbrella.

The new version of Looker has been launched in Cloud Preview, featuring integrated cloud infrastructure services. In addition, a preview of Looker with Google Sheets has been introduced, and there are plans to support visualization-focused tools like Salesforce's Tableau, which is also crucial in the world of data analytics.

A key aspect of the Looker acquisition has been Looker's semantic data modeling capability, which allows for defining data assets and analytics to ensure consistent interpretations and meaning of the data.

Furthermore, enabling users to combine different data sources is highly beneficial for business analysts as it allows them to have multiple tools in one place, saving time and enabling them to perform more effective work. Overall, the consolidation aims to empower businesses to bring in more data and different applications to make better daily decisions.

Looker Studio Pro will play a critical role at the enterprise level

Looker Studio Pro will incorporate various features that will enable companies to differentiate themselves as advanced in their analytics. These include the aggregation of different management functions and multiple collaboration tools, among others.

The enterprise version would be integrated with Dataplex, the intelligent data fabric that focuses on data governance and monitoring, providing visibility into both data and metadata lineage. This integration enables powerful analytics and project scalability.

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