MBE Worldwide acquires the last-mile service provider GEL Proximity

June 15, 2022 by
Frank Calviño

MBE Worldwide has recently succeeded in acquiring a majority stake in the GEL Proximity platform, the last-mile service provider born in Italy and specialized in e-commerce. 

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Why GEL Proximity?

GEL Proximity is a platform dedicated exclusively to last-mile services. To this end, it operates with a technological connector that allows it to offer consumers an impressive diversity of pick-up points throughout Italy.

As a spin-off from Politecnico di Milano, in 2020 GEL Proximity became a fully owned company. The main objective is to significantly improve the sustainability and growth of e-commerce in the country. 

With an approach based on urban logistics and oriented towards the reduction of pollutant emissions and environmental impact in general, GEL Proximity is committed to the optimization of the parcel delivery and collection system. 

A strategic acquisition

The acquisition of a majority stake in GEL Proximity by MBE Worldwide represents a strategic step in its growth. This is because the development of the GEL Proximity platform will enable MBE Worldwide to strengthen its current competitive position as both a commercial and logistics platform for businesses.

In this sense, they have considered that the combination of one of the world's leading e-commerce platforms and an extensive network of service centers is what will make MBE Worldwide a unique alternative on the international scene. This will allow them to improve the services offered to their customers and, in turn, to better satisfy their own customers. 

According to MBE Worldwide, its goal will be to facilitate access to GEL Proximity's logistics services. This, through innovative and adaptable technology, with the understanding that today, the last mile represents the most sensitive phase of the entire distribution chain. 

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