Meta opens a physical store to sell the Metaverse products

April 28, 2022 by
Frank Calviño
Photo by stephan sorkin on Unsplash

Meta opens its first permanent, and ironically, brick-and-mortar Meta Store for customers to purchase its virtual reality products as a "gateway to the metaverse".

The 1,550-square-foot shop will open on 9 May in Burlingame, California, near the company's Reality Labs campus – a research and development hub for virtual reality products.

In the shop customers will be able to try out and play games on Oculus Quest 2, an updated version of the virtual reality headset Oculus Go, in a dedicated demo area. It is this same device, the Oculus Quest 2, the one Meta wants to turn into the standard device for accessing the Metaverse. 

A portal on the floor 

Meta's video-calling device Portal will be displayed on backlit wooden shelves on the main shop floor. Customers will be able to try out Portal in another demo area, as well as place video calls to retail associates to see the gadget in action.

Portal is meant to be Meta's primary calling device - aiming at even substituting current smartphones - in the future. 

Does the Meta store make sense? 

A separate cubicle with glass walls is reserved for Meta's selection of Ray-Ban Stories, smart glasses that allow wearers to record videos via in-built 5MP cameras. Visitors will be able to try a range of styles, colors, and lens variations.

Unlike the other products in Meta Store, the glasses will not be available to purchase in-store. Customers will have to order them directly from sunglass retailer Ray Ban's website.

All in all, it is ironic that Meta will be opening a physical store to kickstart the ultimate digital experience - instead of, perhaps, using an e-commerce based solution - and also that they will be showcasing products from third-party sellers - like Rayban - inside a Metaverse theme store, and yet, you can’t buy them in the same place - or via the Meta store in any way - but instead you have to go to the third party seller own store or e-commerce to buy them. Something that defeats the whole purpose of the Metaverse concept. 

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